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World is changing very fast in every field. The technology is the main instrument used for changing and improving the world. In our construction for Boundary Wall world the changing process is slow as compared the other field like I. T.

Nowadays construction technology is also changing very fast the requirements for construction industry is strong, durable, fast and economical construction.

Pre stress Pre cast Boundary wall is such a technology which fulfils the modern requirements. It is stronger, more durable, lean, time saving and economical than traditional boundary wall. PSPC BW consists of Pre stress poles and pre stress panels. The poles and panels are made of high grade concrete and high tensile carbonized steel wires using pre stress technology. The poles and panels then cured in accelerated curing chamber in a controlled manner.

After curing the poles and panels, they can be transported to working site, loading and unloading can be done manually as the weight of each panel is not more than 75kgs.

At site, the poles can be erected on footing foundation or on pile foundation: depending upon the type of soil and water table. If it is lighter than traditional BW (approximately 1/3 in weight) the size of footing can be taken less.

After concrete gets strength, the joints between pole (Generally 48hrs) the panels for compound boundary wall and Readymade compound wall will be fixed between two panels and the gaps between pole and panel will be filled with rich cement mortar. You may fix Y angle for barbed wire fencing over PSPC BW. Your boundary wall is ready for security of your premises.

Vinayak Precast: Large infrastructure developer for precast wall, compound boundary wall and readymade wall construction provider in Bhopal Indore and MP location.